Privacy Policy

These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy ( the "Terms") are intended at regulating the access and the use of R odrigo Robson website ("Site"),, developed and made available by RODRIGO ROBSON JEWELRY INC (address: 97 WARWICK ROAD, WEST NEWTON, MA 02465) for the final consumer ("Clients").

These Terms may be viewed at any instance at the Site, by the link: It is worth highlighting that these Terms may be amended at any moment by Rodrigo Robson, except in case of legal impediment in this sense. Therefore, the Users must observe the date of the last update entered by the end of the text, and, in case of not consenting with the last version of the Terms, the Users shall refrain from using the Platform.
1. Acceptance
1.1. When accessing the Site for the first time, the Users declare their free, accepted and informed acceptance of the Terms herein. The Users acknowledge that the access to the Site depends on the acceptance to this document and, therefore, if not consenting with any of the following provisions, or any amendments made to these Terms, the Users shall refrain from using the Site.
2. Rules and Functionalities for Users (Clients)
2.1. The Users acknowledge that they shall only provide complete and accurate information in the Site, holding Rodrigo Robson harmless from any liability derived from any untrue or inaccurate information supplied by them.
2.2. The Site is freely available for access by the address, irrespective of the User completing or not the data registration. The Site allows the Users to carry through online purchase of Rodrigo Robson products.
2.3. If a certain product is not available for purchase, the Users may thus demonstrate their interest directly through the Site, irrespective of any prepayment. Upon identifying the interest of a certain Client or Consultant in an unavailable product, Rodrigo Robson, at its own discretion, will try to enable the purchase. However, in this case, Rodrigo Rodrigo does not guarantee that the purchase will be possible and neither undertakes responsibility for the eventual failure of the purchase.
2.4. All the products purchased by the Users will be delivered by outsourced companies.
2.5. After closing of the order, the Users cannot change the payment means and/or the delivery address, ask for advancing or yet priority in the delivery.
2.6. Once the Users purchase the product, Rodrigo Robson shall only accept change for the size of the product purchased by the Client or Consultant, but not the model or the part itself.
2.7. The payments may be made by credit card or Pay Pal.

3. Proper Use of the Site
3.1. By accepting the Terms herein and using the Site, the Users declare that:
(i) they are civilly capable, in light of the laws, of manifesting their will towards these Terms;
(ii) they shall not use the Site for any illicit purposes, contrary to the morality and good manners or willful misuses, respecting, upon using the Site, any and every applicable laws
(iii) they shall not use the Site in any manner that might impair or infringe third-parties' rights;
(iv) they shall not include any inaccurate or untrue information in the Site.

3.2. Upon acceptance of the Terms herein, the Users declare their awareness of the fact that they shall not input in the Site, by any means whatsoever, any content embedding viruses or other harmful elements in the Site and/or which impairs Rodrigo Robson’s systems or other Users' systems.
3.3. The Users declare their awareness of the fact that they are solely responsible for their specific use of the Site, holding Rodrigo Robson harmless from any responsibility for eventual illicit, inadequate use of the Site or contrary to these Terms.
3.4. The Users acknowledge that, under any event, they shall be solely responsible for their access passwords, acknowledging that they shall not share them with third-parties, under any circumstance and holding Rodrigo Robson harmless from any liability arising out of unauthorized third-parties' access to the Platform, due to the Users' inadequate treatment of the password.
3.4.1. By the acceptance of the Terms herein, the Users declare their awareness of the fact that their access password has to be changed every ninety (90) days.
3.5. Any registration of civilly incapable persons will be considered as irregular. In case the incapable persons proceed with such registration, their legal representative may contact Rodrigo Robson to ask for exclusion of such data, by the email address informed at the end of this Policy.

4. Intellectual Property
4.1. All the texts, images, pictures, icons, technologies, links and other visual, audiovisual or sound contents, including the graphic drawings and the source codes of the Site are Rodrigo Robson’s exclusive property (or of third-parties which authorized Rodrigo Robson’s use thereof) and are protected by the international laws and treaties, with express impediment to copy, reproduce, download or make any other type of use thereof, for commercial purposes or not, and the violators are subject to the applicable civil and criminal penalties, under the terms of the US laws.
4.2. All the trademarks, trade names or logotypes of any kind depicted in the Site are the property of Rodrigo Robson (or of third-parties which authorized Rodrigo Robson's use thereof), and use of the Site cannot be understood as an authorization for the Users to use those trademarks, trade names and logotypes.
4.3. The Users acknowledge that they shall not use the texts, images of artists, models or persons contracted by Rodrigo Robson, and other contents made available in the Site, in other means, such as electronic pages, leaflets and other forms of publicity, even if for trading Rodrigo Robson products and any use of such content, other than expressly authorized by Rodrigo Robson, shall be understood as violation of the Terms herein and of the applicable rules.

5. Disclaimer
5.1. Rodrigo Robson does not undertake responsibility: (i) for eventual unavailability, errors or failures of the Site, as well as for any defrauding of the use which the Users might have assigned to the Site, for the Site's failures or any access difficulty; (ii) for errors or inconsistencies in the transmission of data or for the quality or availability of the Internet signal, which cause failures in the ordinary operation of the Site; (iii) for the existence of virus or other harmful elements in the Site, which might cause changes in the computing systems (software and hardware) or in the digital documents stored in the computing system, disclaiming any responsibility for the damages and losses eventually derived thereof; (iv) for any inaccurate or outdated information included in the Site; (v) for any kind of damages and losses eventually derived from unauthorized third-parties' knowledge of any information provided by the Site, resulting for failure exclusively ascribable to the Client, Consultant or third-parties which are out of Rodrigo Robson's reasonable control; neither (vi) for third-parties' electronic pages, including advertisers, which links are inputted into Rodrigo Robson's site, as well as for third-parties' pages presenting links or references to Rodrigo Robson.
5.2. Rodrigo Robson will not be held responsible for any failure exclusively ascribable to third-parties who shall be sole and exclusively responsible for the delivery of the product and processing of the authorization for billing in the Users' credit card.
5.4. The Users are aware that Rodrigo Robson recommends using tools and technology (hardware and/or software) duly safe and updated. Any use, by the Users, of outdated tools and technology, not deemed to be safe, will be on the Users' on account and risk, and Rodrigo Robson will be held harmless from any responsibility for any kind of damages borne by the Users.

6. Privacy Policy
6.1. Rodrigo Robson gathers every piece of information actively inputted by the Client or Consultant in the Site, such as, for instance, information inputted in forms in the Site (name, address, telephone, date of birth, email and payment data), as well as some pieces of information automatically generated upon the Users' use of the Site, such as characteristics of the IP with access date and time.
6.2. Rodrigo Robson considers as confidential any information gathered by the Site, making sure that they shall all be handled and stored according to the determinations of these Terms and the applicable laws, upon adoption of the proper security measures.
6.3. Rodrigo Robson will use the gathered information for the legal purposes, as well as for proper services rendering, such as to enable the financial transaction by credit card billing and product delivery.
6.4. The Users manifest their free, express and informed consent to Rodrigo Robson's use of the data gathered about them or by Rodrigo Robson's partners for the purposes described in the Terms herein.
6.5. Furthermore, the Users acknowledge that the data collected by the Site may be shared with third-parties under the following situations: (i) when needed for the commercial activities and services rendered by Rodrigo Robson, also with its commercial partners; (ii) for protection of Rodrigo Robson's interests, in any type of conflict, including lawsuits; (iii) in case of shareholding operations involving Rodrigo Robson, under which event transfer of the information will be necessary for continuity of the services; or (iv) against court order or request from administrative authorities holding legal competence to request them.
6.6. The Users may ask for exclusion of the gathered data and consequent end of access to the Site contacting Rodrigo Robson by the email: Rodrigo Robson will dedicate best efforts to meet all the orders at the shortest possible time, and, after the data is excluded, the User's registration with Rodrigo Robson will be automatically cancelled.
6.6.1. Even in case of request for exclusion of the data, as above stated, Rodrigo Robson will observe the minimum term for keeping of information determined by the laws.

7. Term and Termination of the Access
7.1. The access to the Site is provided for undetermined time for the Users, and Rodrigo Robson is entitled to terminate the availability anytime, also as a result of undue use of the platform, irrespective of prior notice and no sort of indemnity shall be due to the Client or Consultant pursuant to the termination.
7.2. The Users acknowledge that Rodrigo Rosbon may, at its free and exclusive discretion and without prior notice, cancel the access of the Client or Consultant to the Site's exclusive access for registered parties in case such access is inactive for more than ninety (90) days.

8. Miscellaneous
8.1. Any clause or condition of this instrument that, for any reason whatsoever, is deemed to be null or ineffective by any judge or court will not affect validity of the other provisions under this Term, which shall remain perfectly valid and binding, generating effects to their utmost extension.
8.2. Rodrigo Robson's failure to enforce any rights or provisions of the Terms herein shall not be deemed as waiver, and it shall be totally entitled to regularly enforce its right within the due legal terms.

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
9.1. The legal relationship herein is governed exclusively by the laws of Massachusetts/USA, including eventual claims derived from violation of its terms and conditions.
9.2. The parties hereby elect the Jurisdiction of Massachusetts /USA to resolve any doubts, questions or controversies arising out of the Terms herein, with express waiver of any other, irrespective of the matters of privilege.