Intelectual Property

4. Intellectual Property
4.1. All the texts, images, pictures, icons, technologies, links and other visual, audiovisual or sound contents, including the graphic drawings and the source codes of the Site are Rodrigo Robson’s exclusive property (or of third-parties which authorized Rodrigo Robson’s use thereof) and are protected by the international laws and treaties, with express impediment to copy, reproduce, download or make any other type of use thereof, for commercial purposes or not, and the violators are subject to the applicable civil and criminal penalties, under the terms of the US laws.
4.2. All the trademarks, trade names or logotypes of any kind depicted in the Site are the property of Rodrigo Robson (or of third-parties which authorized Rodrigo Robson's use thereof), and use of the Site cannot be understood as an authorization for the Users to use those trademarks, trade names and logotypes.
4.3. The Users acknowledge that they shall not use the texts, images of artists, models or persons contracted by Rodrigo Robson, and other contents made available in the Site, in other means, such as electronic pages, leaflets and other forms of publicity, even if for trading Rodrigo Robson products and any use of such content, other than expressly authorized by Rodrigo Robson, shall be understood as violation of the Terms herein and of the applicable rules.